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Clients usually come to DBS with a specific issue or need that requires solutions. We want to make sure that where your business pain manifests itself is the real problem and not some other hidden issue. DBS utilizes a CORE Analysis that investigates the issues and probes deeper to uncover base causes within the company. That analysis is centered on the four areas of REVENUE, FINANCE, PEOPLE and TECHNOLOGY. DBS’ partners then prepare a recommendation to address the critical issues discovered and suggest appropriate solutions and their business impact and the pricing for us to engage our partners.




The concept of being able to provide “CORE” Solutions to every aspect of your company’s operations based on “assessed needs” is unique, but more important is the capabilities of our management team. They not only have focused areas of subject matter expertise, but they have the experiential base of having run businesses at the C-level and other senior management positions. They have worked through and solved many of the same issues your company is experiencing. Unlike many consulting firms, DBS doesn’t just leave a report – our experienced management team stay engaged with you throughout the entire implementation.

It is our philosophy that accelerating revenue growth and corporate valuation requires the ability to understand all of the various intricacies of your organization while being capable of coordinating appropriate targeted strategic and tactical initiatives. Our capacity to manage complexity while creating and increasing value is the key to our success…and yours!

DBS is ready to serve your needs in the following four CORE areas.

• Revenue
• Finance
• People
• Technology

However, rest assured that no matter your critical needs, DBS will work with your business to fulfill its destiny.

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