Outsourcing is devastating Michigan’s economy

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Outsourcing is devastating Michigan’s economy

Detroit MI, October 15, 2012:  When we think of outsourcing, we often times think of jobs leaving the United States only to be created elsewhere. In fact, thousands of businesses outsource their dollars every day by acquiring goods or services outside their region. “A socially responsible company should look for opportunities to empower the very community in which it does business by simply using what’s surrounds them”, said Kewsi Mann CEO of Destiny Business Solutions (DBS). The success of any local economy depends heavily on how many times a dollars circulates within a local community.  In fact, $1 can generate $6 to $16 by the time it leaves a community. Creating a strong local economy is necessary in order for any business to thrive.  Along with the acceptance of the permission to exist in any economy, must come the responsibility of ensuring that your local economy stays strong.  Businesses should not only support Customer relationships, they should also find ways to develop strong relationships with local suppliers as well.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises today are facing new challenges locally. Everyone is looking elsewhere to supply their business needs. As a consequence, money pools shrink for both business owners and customers alike. Think of it like this, if monetary resources are the glue that binds our local economy. What happens when the glue supply dries up?

Strategic business networking – cooperative relationships with other companies – is a proven and effective way to optimize complementary resources within our region and at the same time, maintain a modicum of flexibility that is key in the increasingly competitive marketplace, where you operate your business.

This ideology is the cornerstone of DBS’ Network. DBS helps bridge the gap from where you are with your business, to where you want to be. It is a network of interrelated entrepreneurs collaborating to strengthen each other’s core businesses. So, when looking for goods or services start with what surrounds you. To learn more about DBS go to http://www.DBSoline.net


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