Business Networking Tips

Personal Brand

It is important to continuously develop your personal Brand. How does your outer appearance and the words you choose to engage with others reflect on your company. Considering that image is everything in the context of business, what does your image say about you?



Be Authentic

Do not engage others with the sole purpose of using them for social or monetary gain.  Become immersed in the moment and find commonality with others. By doing so you’ll find your conversations to be more enriching. Remember, often times when considering working with others, people use who they like.

 Follow Your Interests

It is important to become active with in groups in which their goals are aligned with yours. When called upon to help, the sincerity in your intentions are reflected within your actions. Active participation is a good pathway to form meaningful relationships both with groups and other like-minded individuals.


Information gathered during conversations can always help enrich your next encounter. The longer you engage with others the more common your conversation becomes. Therefore during the next encounter recall personal Information such as the progression of a project that they’ve been working on or the success of their son’s high school football team.

 Organizational Branding 

It is common to walk away from a networking event unable to recall the organizations that were represented. Here are four steps to overcome this issue.

    • Where a decal with your company’s logo and slogan.
    • Upon introduction introduce your business as well.
    • Give a business card.
    • When follow-up all communications should clearly have a visible logo.
    • Remember, studies have shown that it takes five encounters of your brand for customers can remember it.
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